Beautiful and easy to use Todo app
Author:Florian Obernberger
APK source:Codeberg/Forgejo/Gitea
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At its core Doable is a modern and easy to use Todo app.

It features a beautiful design that follows the latest Material 3 guidelines, a simple user interface that allows you to manage your tasks with ease and last but not least a seamless integration with Nextcloud.

When you open Doable for the first time you might be mistaken to think that it lacks some features you might've been hoping for like separate lists. But fear not! Doable does indeed support such things! The are just not enabled by default. To enable lists and other amazing features check out the "Extensions" section in Doable's settings!

Doable also supports integration with Nextcloud which allows you to backup and synchronize your tasks across multiple devices – or just keep a handy backup of them in case something goes wrong. Simple log in to your Nextcloud account and boom! Your Todos will now be synchronized automatically. (You can also use any other backup server that supports the WebDAV interface.)


- New Progress Bar extension!
- New Date Filters extension!
- Ability to share images to Doable (#90)
- Nextcloud bulk deletion now works better
- Logs are now shared as json
- New icons for logs
- New icons across the app
- Hide unused items in reader mode
- Updated Pride theming
- Fixed #85, #86

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While you can download the APKs here directly, you should preferably use an F-Droid client so the app stays up-to-date on your device. Some clients have this repo enabled by default, e.g. Neo Store, Droid-ify, or, of course, the IzzyOnDroid client by Sunil. With others (like the official client) you'll have to add this repo manually (see the hint on top of the package list for how to do that).


Version 1.16.2 (2024-06-07)

Android Versions:
  • Target: 14.0
  • MinVer: 7.1
  • ABIs: arm64-v8a
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