Stream and download movies, TV-series and anime.
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CloudStream-3 lets you stream and download Movies, TV-Series and Anime. The app comes without any ads and analytics. It supports multiple trailer & movie sites, and more. Features include:

CloudStream-3 uses ACRA for crash reporting, which is enabled by default to help us getting aware of any potential issues as soon as possible and to get them fixed. If this somehow disturbs you, you can disable it from settings anytime.

anti Anti-Features:
  • NonFreeComp (the application includes non-free components):
    ⇒ The app contains libraries of Google Mobile Services, Firebase, Google Cast, Media Home Video.
  • NonFreeNet (this application promotes/depends a non-Free network service):
    ⇒ The app connects to Google servers (Firebase).
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While you can download the APKs here directly, you should preferably use an F-Droid client so the app stays up-to-date on your device. Some clients have this repo enabled by default, e.g. Neo Store or, of course, the IzzyOnDroid client by Sunil. With others (like the official client) you'll have to add this repo manually (see the hint on top of the package list for how to do that).


Version 4.3.0 (2023-12-09)

Android Versions:
  • Target: 13.0
  • MinVer: 5.0
  • ABIs: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64
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