Deep Link Tester

fire and test out deep links
Author:Manoj Madanmohan
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Deep links allows you to deep-link users from various different sources directly into your app. Deeplinks also allow you to send your users to some other app directly, with the click of a button. Deep-linking also acts as the base for app-indexing, which allows content in your app to be directly searchable via google.

Deep Link Tester allows you to simply test and verify deep links on your android phone itself; ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Using this, there is no need for ADB at all to test deep links. You can even type deep links directly from the web app, on your laptop/desktop itself, to instantly fire deep links on your phone. No wires, no ADB, nothing! Just type in the deep link, fire, and you’re off.

anti Anti-Features:
  • NonFreeDep: The application depends on a non-free application (e.g. Google Maps) - i.e. it requires it to be installed on the device, but does not include it.
  • NonFreeNet: This application promotes or entirely depends a non-Free network service.
  • Tracking: The application tracks and reports your activity to somewhere – usually either without your consent, or by default (i.e. you’d have to actively disable it). It’s commonly used for when developers obtain crash logs without the user’s consent, or when an app is useless without some kind of authentication.
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Version 2.4.2 (2019-02-19)

Android Versions:
  • Target: 5.1
  • MinVer: 4.0
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Version 2.3.6 (2017-04-05)