interface to the Mooshimeter wireless multimeter
Author:Mooshim Engineering LLC.
LastVersion:1.0.32 (2083)
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Note: This app seems to be no longer maintained.

This app provides an interface to the Mooshimeter wireless multimeter. The app will display data from the meter in text and graphical form.

The Mooshimeter makes multi-channel measurements possible in situations that are too fast, too slow, too sensitive or too dangerous to use a traditional multimeter. By harnessing your smartphone’s hardware through Bluetooth 4.0, it does so at an insanely low price.

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anti Anti-Features:
  • NonFreeDep: The application depends on a non-free application (usually Google Services) – i.e. it requires it to be installed on the device, but does not include it.
  • Tracking: The application tracks and reports your activity to somewhere – usually either without your consent, or by default (i.e. you’d have to actively disable it). It’s commonly used for when developers obtain crash logs without the user’s consent, or when an app is useless without some kind of authentication.
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Version 1.0.32 (2083) (2016-09-12)

Android Versions:
  • Target: 4.4
  • MinVer: 4.3
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Version 1.0.29 (2071) (2016-07-24)

Version 1.0.28 (2031) (2016-07-09)