"Getting Things Done" tasklist/activity manager
Author:Jarle Aase
Categories:Office, Time
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Inspired by the great book Getting Things Done by David Allan. This is a program I wrote because I badly needed it in order to organize my own time. I failed to find anything, on any platform, that satisfied my requirements:

These requirements became my blueprint when I built VikingGTD. VikingGTD is free of eye candy and animations – but in stead very fast and responsive, also when the number of tasks grows during real use by busy people. (The database on my device has more than 8000 actions).

VikingGTD implements what I believe is the most essential part of David Allens Getting Things done system: To be able to put all the stuff in your life into a system (lists) you can trust 100%.

It's not a full blown GTD application - a lot of people (me included) are not ready to jump into that in one step. This application is for people who has grown out of the simple "to do apps" and "task managers" and need something a little better.


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Version 1.10 (2020-10-26)

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