Voice Mail Player

Play media files through phone's ear-piece
Author:Simon Blur
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Do you get Voice Mails via e-mail or web access? Have you ever forgotten your headphones (or you do not even have any) and still wanted to listen to your Voice Mails with some privacy (e.g., being in the office or driving by bus)?

Voice Mail Player plays audio and video files (audio part only) via your Android phone's ear-piece - like as you would take a phone call.

Voice Mail Player does not(!) include a file picker. It can be started like Android's default media player from any application that deals with media files. It's in the shared apps list. It can be used via gallery, e-mail clients, file pickers, download folder etc.

This app will not work on devices without ear-pieces (obviously). If you think, your device should be supported but is not, please drop us an e-mail!

Take a look at the settings to configure Voice Mail Player's behavior for your needs. Of course, you can use your phone's volume control keys as usual.

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Version 1.3 (2021-12-04)

Android Versions:
  • Target: 8.1
  • MinVer: 2.3
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